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Meet Our Beast!

Ronan McCarter has been gracing the SPA stages for years. He continues to do so this November by playing the role of Beast in our production of Beauty and the Beast. Find out more about Ronan below.


1.What first got you interested in Musical Theatre? – All four of my older siblings were involved in musical theatre at one point or another. My mom made sure each of us tried it at least once, as she too participated in musicals as a kid. Throughout I’ve learned how much I love musical theatre.

2. What’s your first memory in musical theatre or acting? -Other than learning The Bare Necessities for my audition song – would be sitting around the piano in the lower level of the old SPA building for a 42nd Street music rehearsal.

3.What was your first role? – My first role was a ragamuffin in SPA’s 42nd Street, which remained my favorite musical until just last year.


4.What do you love most about Musical Theatre? – I love the supportive atmosphere, and I love that I can always be myself. I love exploring the meaning behind each scene, and the motivation for each song.


5. What do you love most about SPA? – The teachers are always incredibly supportive, and the students are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I have so many amazing and unique memories with my cast members. Whether it was buying matching watermelon sweatpants or having a “Dress Like Ronan Day” for tech week, there was always something to laugh about.


6. What have been your favorite role(s)? – My favorite role would have to be Tommy in Carrie the Musical this past summer. It was so interesting to see just how similar my character and I turned out to be. I also loved how our small cast became so close throughout the whole process.
7. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage? – The funniest moment on stage must have been when I was in Grease at SPA two years ago. The T-Birds were exiting to go to Roger’s house, but the Pink Ladies – who were quick changing – missed their entrance and weren’t there to stop us. So Roger (Dillon Bramlett) started to improvise, saying stuff like “Oh wait, my house is that way!” and “You know what? Let’s just go to Doody’s house instead.” We must have crossed the stage three times before the Pink Ladies made their entrance, and we could barely contain our laughter.


8. How do you memorize lines or lyrics? – I memorize lines just by repetition, having a friend read the other characters’ lines. I usually don’t need to memorize songs after running them so many times.


9.What’s your favorite musical? Favorite play? TV show? Actor/Actress? Singer/Songwriter? –  Hamilton, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Spongebob (I reference it constantly, ask anyone), Stephen Colbert, and Mike Rosenberg (Passenger), respectively.


10.Any special tips or advice for aspiring actors? – Just go for it. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving an audition knowing you should have done more, and there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing an audition or a performance knowing you did all you could. Take the risk of embarrassing yourself, because it will be worthwhile every time.
11.Where do you see yourself in five years? – I see myself as a senior in college, double majoring in Computer Engineering and Musical Theatre (two opposite ends of the spectrum, I know). I’ll have learned how to play the violin, and I’ll be writing music on my piano and guitar in my free time.

Ronan and other SPA students in SPA’s Les Miserables at age 15.


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