FLUFFERNUTTERS for Grades 3 – 6
10:00 – 11:00am – Saturday, August 19
Please plan to stay for the entire hour.
CLICK HERE to sign up an audition!
MAIN MELODY for Grades 6* – 9 – (*those 6th graders auditioning for MM should be at an int/adv. level of dance technique)
11:00am – 12:00pm – Saturday, August 19
Please plan to stay for the entire hour.
CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition!
For Fluffernutters & Main Melody – Please bring with you to the audition:
·         A recent picture (snapshot, headshot or school picture)
·         Your Audition Form~ Click Here!
·         What to Prepare for the auditions: you will need to prepare a song; bring a device with an instrumental track to play along (no voices on the track, please) – you don’t need to sing the entire song. You will also learn a short dance combination in the style of ‘Show Choir’. We are looking for PERFORMERS who love to sing and dance!
·         What to Wear for your audition: Please dress comfortably in something you can move in easily – jazz shoes or tennis shoes are perfect. Be sure your hair is pulled away from your face for you audition.
·         A Big Smile!
Can’t make the audition date? Please be sure to sign-up above and make a note next to your name that you are not available for the audition. The SPA office will give you a buzz and we’ll set you up with another round of auditions in late August!





2017 International Summer Dance Intensive

A&A Ballet’s international summer intensive seminar is a versatile dance training course for serious students with an emphasis on the development of each student’s potential. Classes are offered in Ballet, Pointe, Men’s, Partnering, Variations, Contemporary, Character, Body Conditioning, Repertoire and Choreography and will be taught by Anna Reznik and Alexei Kremnev and A & A Ballet faculty whose dedication to teaching the art of ballet is unmatched.

  • International Summer Intensive: 5 weeks: June 19, 2017-July 21, 2017
  • Back to School Directors’ Intensive: 2 weeks: August 7, 2017- August 18, 2017
  • Juniors’ Program: 2 weeks: June 19, 2017-June 30, 2017 Ages 9-11


CLICK HERE for more details


At The School of Performing Arts we have several ‘auditioned’ workshops and productions. Auditioning is a learned skill; our auditions at SPA are always in a friendly, warm and professional environment. We also have several classes/workshops within our Studio Series in which we help the children learn the art of auditioning. Casting in MainStage Musicals: In casting our MainStage Musicals, it is part of our mission to give our students as professional an experience as possible, while never losing sight of the love for the Art of Musical Theatre! We often times hold callback auditions for our leading roles within our MainStage musicals, allowing those auditioning an opportunity to work/read with other actors also called back for particular roles. Just because you do not receive a ‘callback’ does not mean you’ve not been cast – be sure to check the cast list. We always post online at Each MainStage musical audition will have its own set of audition requirements, as far as what to prepare for each audition. We are always here to offer guidance and help you prepare for any audition! If your child is ever unavailable for a particular audition, please contact our Theatre Dept. regarding how to submit a video audition. Casting in our Studio Series: We also have many exciting opportunities, which do not include an audition – this is the beauty of our Studio Series. We talk about the importance and art of auditioning, while helping find your child the perfect role to play within the show. We also have several audition workshops throughout the year. Auditioning and Casting at SPA is never an easy task and can seem at times unfair to anyone not getting the role he or she may want the most, but what that does is give the experience – the true experience of casting. We strive to always cast the best person for each and every role, while always welcoming new faces and performers to our SPA family! Please know that we work very hard making sure we feel we’ve cast the right actor for each and every role within the ensemble – looking to the actor that is suited best for each and every role. We believe this should be so in any casting position – casting someone who is most prepared and experienced in all angles of musical theatre, including: confidence, preparedness, performance, acting/voice/dance technique, tone color, delivery, attitude, presence, look and more. Of course, we recognize the art of casting is always subjective, as any artistic and directing team may have varying opinions. We sincerely hope your child will come to audition for all future productions at SPA! Please contact our Theatre Department Director with any questions about casting at any time. Q&A FOR AUDITIONING AT SPA – click here


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